50 One-Page Biblical Studies for Colorado Springs Church of God (7th Day)

These fifty papers are intentionally written to be one-page in length. The concept is to go right to the heart of the matter, nail it down and then provide Biblical scriptures showing the doctrinal proof of the matter. This method allows for one to conduct their own study and to continue on into deeper personal Bible study of these fifty topics. It is important for the individual student to look up ALL the scriptures in each study.

* (Studies 4-18 are adapted from “This We Believe” COG7 Statement of Faith)

The Deity

“The sovereign deity of the universe is God Almighty, who is to be worshipped in spirit and in truth. He is eternal, infinite, holy, self-existent Spirit who created, sustains, rules, redeems, and judges His creation. He is one in nature, essence and being. God is revealed in Scripture as Father and Son.”

A “Deity” is considered to be a god; divine in nature; godhead. We are commanded by God in Ex. 20:3 to “have no other gods before me.” Since the fall of Lucifer, who himself wanted to be god there have been myriads of counterfeit “gods” in this world (See Isa.14:12-15 and Ezek. 28:13-17). We worship the only true and righteous God, not a fake fabricated Satan inspired deity.

Psalms 8:4a King David asks, “What is man, that thou art mindful of him?” Can we not ask, “Who is God, that we should be mindful of Him?” Who is our Deity?

Our Deity has always been, He was not created. John 1:1-2 and I Pet.1:20.

Our Deity is creator of all the universe and all that is in the universe. John 1:2-3, Gen. 1 and 2, Job 38-39, 40:15-24 and Job 41.

Our Deity is full of Holy Righteous Character. Character being defined as knowing what is right and wrong and doing the right thing. It is only God who defines right from wrong. II John 9, Ex. 33:9-17, Psa. 15:1-2, Isa. 33:15-16,Matt. 5:3-15, John 13:35, II Cor. 5:17, Gal. 5:22-26, Eph. 3:17-19 Phi. 2:15 and Phil 4:8. All these verses are examples of what God’s righteous character looks like and are His instructions for how should live.

Our Deity is almighty and sovereign. He is omnipotent and has absolute power over all things. Rev. 4:8, 16:7, 17:1, Deut. 4:35, 10:17; Psa. 24:1, 10 and I Tim. 6:15-16.

Our Deity is eternal. He is self-existent. He always has been and always will be. Ex. 3:14, Rev. 4:8, John 1:1, Rev. 21:6 and 22:13.

Our Deity is omnipresent. He is everywhere at once at all times. He is able to transform Himself through time, space and solid matter. As creator of the universe he is also master of the universe. John 4:24, Psa. 139:7-10, Jere. 23:24.

Our Deity is Holy. He is to be worshiped in all our humbleness. Rev. 4:8, Lev. 19:2, Isa. 6:3. His Holiness is an all-consuming love for mankind as we are His future adopted family (See Rom. 8:14-17). He is all loving and gives us the “Agape” love of total unselfish outgoing concern.

Our Deity is truly an awesome God!